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Thanks, but that wasn't it.
YEP! that was it. noxiousnet retro team play. boy was that some fun
While this may not be it at ALL, I heavily recall playing a team-based base-wars type gamemode on GMOD on the old noxiousnet servers. According to the nostalgia dumps, it was called teamplay (RIP noxiousnet :c).

Have some screenshots:

Hey everyone, happy to be here and later I'm going to check to see if I have any obscure stuff to offer up on the Offer forum.

BUT! Right now I'm trying to find a kid's game I played way back when. This would've been definitely before 1998. I think it was edu-tainment, but the thing I remember the most is that there were two characters: A monkey and a jack-in-the-box clown. I'm sorry, but that's really all I can remember...

I've scrounged multiple abandonware sites and posted a topic on the tipofmytongue reddit, but no dice.
Hello and welcome to the community! :D

A user on reddit said it could have been SourceForts?

If so then we've figured out our first one! :)

If that is the mod then we have to see if its still available for download and if not other users can help track it down for you.

Otherwise if it's not the game your looking for we can continue the hunt. :)

Thanks for joining and we look forward to having you here.

Hey, there used to be a source game mod i played back in the 2009-2011ish period which was similar to the now popular game fortnite (in building mechanics at least).

the game would start with teams that would build up forts. i believe the weapon model while building was the tf2 stun stick, but i could be wrong. building would cost resources. once the game went from the initial build stage to combat, you would re-spawn as your desired class. there were all sorts of crazy classes like wizards that could cast spells, or people with guns or swords. you could access plates on the ground which let you spawn different vehicles such as hover bikes or tanks.

also - first post!!! :)
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